Fascinating. Brilliant. Creative. Foolish. We humans reflect all these qualities, and a plethora of others. My work seeks to isolate and examine the elements of the human condition, as well as provide the viewer with a thought-provoking experience into one's inner self. Rather than leading my viewer to the meaning of my work, I prefer to allow them to discover meaning for themselves. Generally taking the form of introspection, my viewers examine the passions, thoughts, and carnal qualities within us all. Openly acknowledged or otherwise.

Much of my work is a conjunction of traditional media that makes for a diverse range of creations. Carbon/Graphite specifically generates an eye-catching depth that is not only bold, but unquestionably human in nature. I continually explore and push my mediums in varied ways creating visual interest and intrigue for my viewers.

My Art is more than a sensation or emotion. It is rather an extension of expression of who we are as people. Within my work I hope my viewers not only explore correlations between my work and themselves, but the multiform nature that is humanity.

Everything I make comes from my studio in Northern Colorado, and I am pleased to share my work with the greater artistic community.