"Raw Human" series 

The Raw Human series is a collection of drawings that vary in media and support. But all works will contain elements of the human form. The series reflects on the connections, bonds, and relationships we as humans form throughout our lives. Specifically focusing on elements of raw carnal sexuality that all humans embrace openly or otherwise. I hope that my viewer is met with a personal thought-provoking experience that is alluring to the senses as well as thought provoking.

"Traffic Thoughts" series 

The Traffic Thoughts series looks at the inappropriate/illegal exploitation humans commit on one on another every day all over the world. Specifically, that of a more sexual nature. This exploitation takes on many forms but is represented in this body of work using simple forms. These forms are layered with real decommissioned traffic signs who's original meaning is now skewed by a new "signaling" array of familiar, and recognizable symbols. The signs, colored reflective fabric, and figures layer upon one another to create new meaning for the viewer. Each title is a question meant to generate a personal challenge the viewer must contend with.

"Influenced By Us" series

This body of work seeks to make use of my drawings in such a way that allows me to influence my surroundings as I choose. These drawings that appear to be graffiti are magnets that can be placed in and on a variety of surfaces. Doing so changes the perception, viewers have of a given physical space. And by using human anatomy my viewers are presented with works that are distinguishable for their relatable, but peculiar usage. Influenced By Us seeks to generate curiosity and cultivate new understanding wherever it may be placed.


I am, and have always been inspired by anime. I do my best to re-create some of my favorite moments using a tasteful array of media.